How do I get my equipment on site?

Smooth process with
our check-in terminals!

Rent equipment

This is the quickest way to get your equipment at the ski rental:

For a quick and smooth process, we ask you to enter all relevant information for the rental process. If you are a family or group with several people, you are able to add more people in the last step. Please enter all neccessery data of each additive person in here.

If you have already booked your equipment online, you can skip this step. Did you receive a barcode by email? Use and scan it here in order to print your ticket directly.

Check in terminal on site 1. Check In

Before you go to the boot pick up, please check it and sign the check-in ticket. Please consider: he data on the ticket are important in order to set up the correct settings on the binding. This is a huge apect to your safety on the slopes!

If you don't need any boots, please go straight to the ski distribution.

2. Boots

You will get your ski or snowboard here. The binding will be also adjusted here to your needs and requests.

3. Ski-distribution

Please have a valid photo ID (ID card, passport) ready at the checkout. This is required to complete the rental process.

4. Checkout

So findest Du vor Ort zu Deinem Equipment:

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